Basic Rappel Course


  • Duration: 1 or 2 day course pending size of classes (8 or 16 hours)
  • Class size: Minimum (10) students, Maximum (18) students
  • Rate: $250.00 per student
  • Special Team rates available - please contact us
view from tower

Learning Goal

The student will learn the proper rappelling techniques and safely rappel from a safe rappel tower or comparable building.

 ** This is a pre-requisite to the advanced courses. ** 

Student Performance Objectives

The student will be taught and then individually monitored by a certified rappel master. All students must successfully demonstrate the following:

  • Tie (5) knots (includes: knots, bends & hitches)
  • Tie Swiss seat (rope/tubular nylon)
  • Proper hook up with a carabiner & figure 8
  • Demo proper technique while rappelling (both weapon and non-weapon hand)
  • Proper tie-off with figure 8
  • Proper tie-off with carabiner
  • Inverted rappelling
  • Proper Window entry
  • Proper belay (top and bottom)
  • Self belay, lowering and rappelling
  • Self rescue
  • Lots of rappels

Learning aids / Equipment

Your rappelling tower or The Orange County Rappelling Tower located at the Orange County Sheriff's Office Range.

  • (2) Kernmantle Ropes (furnished)
  • Rescue Eight Descender
  • (2) Carabiners
  • Rappel Harness (Manufactured and/or Swiss seat)
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • 15’ 11mm Rope & 15’ 1” tubular nylon
Good Attitude!