Container Climbing (TTP)


  • 2-Day Training Course (pending size of classes)
  • Class size: Minimum (10) students, Maximum (18) students
  • Rate: $375.00 per student
  • Special Team rates available - please contact us
view from tower

Learning Goal

The student will learn the proper container rigging, climbing, and rappelling techniques. Student will then safely climb/rappel from a container or safe rappel platform.

Course Overview

  • Introduction / Course Overview to Include Safety Lecture
  • Nomenclature and Care and Maintenance of Equipment
  • Knots and Rope Management
  • Proper Anchor Rigging of Containers
  • Various Techniques of Tactical Rappelling – (Using USCG issued equipment)
  • Advanced Techniques:
    • Tie Offs
    • Self-Belay Techniques and Equipment
    • Self Rescue Techniques
    • Lowering/Belay Systems
    • Ascending Techniques and Equipment

Learning Aids / Equipment

  • Rappel gloves
  • Rescue Eight Descender / GRI-GRI
  • Rappel harness
  • Helmet (protective head gear)
  • (2) Locking / auto-locking carabiners 27kN
  • 15’ section of 11 mm rappel rope
  • The student must also bring all assault gear, holster, vest, helmet, knee & elbow protection etc.