Current Scheduled Courses


OCTOBER - 2017
OCT 02 - OCT 06

Tactical Rappel Master Course Orange County Sheriff's Office (Orlando, FL) - contact us for hotel & location

Out of State of Florida

AUGUST - 2017
AUG 26 - AUG 28

Tactical Rappel Operations Course Wayneville, NC (class full) - contact us for hotel & location

NC officers will have to be given 1st priority, though out-of-state folks are certainly welcome. Students can all stay at our dorms for free and there is a cafeteria on site (they’ll be responsible for their own meals, etc.).

Below is some NC Justice Academy Fayetteville information you’ll need for advertising, etc.: The closest airport is actually Fayetteville Regional (about 25 miles away) and the closest likely for direct flights would be Raleigh/Durham International (75 miles or so away).

Also, below is a link to hotel information (though students and instructors can stay free at our dorms):

Student Information