Rappel Master


  • 5-Day Training Course (example 5-day schedule below)
  • 6-Day Training Course
    • includes Helicopter Control, Rigging of UH-1H or UH-60 & fast rope
    • Aircraft and aircraft crew must be provided by respective agency
  • Class size: Minimum (10) students, Maximum (18) students
  • 5-Day Rate: $625.00 per student
  • 6-Day Rate: $775.00 per student
  • Special Team rates available - please contact us
  • All out town classes include the "Basic Rappel" pre-requisite course
view from tower

Learning Goal

To provide the knowledge and hands-on training that will enable the Rappelling Instructor to impart up-to-date, rigging, and job-related rappelling instruction to tactical personnel in a safe and professional manner.

What To Expect

* The Proposed course will focus on the BASICS; it will give you a solid foundation for the safe rigging and conduct of rappel training and operations.

* FAST PACE: Expect 40 plus hours of instruction and practical application. Attendance is mandatory.

* PHYSICALLY DEMANDING: The nature of the course is physically demanding (Good Physical Condition = Less Pain & Soreness).

* To avoid heat injuries, an ice chest with Gatorade or water is recommended. A hat and sunscreen is also a good idea.

* Knot test includes (10) KNOTS, and familiarization of several others not tested.

Required Equipment

  • Rappel gloves
  • Rescue Eight Descender
  • Rappel harness
  • Helmet (protective head gear)
  • (2) Locking / auto-locking carabiners (steel, alloy steel, or aluminum)
  • 15’ section of 11/13 mm rappel rope
  • 15’ section of 1” tubular nylon

Course Training Overview

  • Course Overview/Safety Lecture
  • Liability Management
  • Nomenclature & Care of Equipment
  • Fall Protection/Fall Factor
  • Inspections of all personnel & equipment (Practical Test)
  • Role of the Rappel Master
  • Rappel Procedures/ Safety Brief/Commands
    (Each student will demonstrate control of rappel platform.)
  • Advanced Rappelling techniques
  • Belaying Techniques
  • Tactical Climbing w/ issued equipment
  • Assorted Knots, Bends, & Hitches (Practical Test)
  • Series of Self-Belay field expedient Techniques
  • Self-Rescue field expedient Techniques
  • Assorted Officer Rescue Techniques
  • Pick-off Techniques
  • Rope-to-Rope Transfers
  • Knot Passing
  • Rigging Tower/ Helicopter
  • Anchor & Improvised Anchor Systems (Practical Test)
  • Tie-Backs
  • Lowering Systems
  • Hauling Systems
  • Rappel Master Evaluation (Practical & Written)
  • Graduation